Our History

DKH Consulting Services was incorporated in August of 2002 under the leadership and presidency of Dr. Deidra Honeywell. By the time she formed DKH Consulting, Dr. Honeywell had been successfully writing grants for over 11 years. For three years prior to creating DKH consulting, she provided (as a sub-contractor) evaluation and grant writing services for two national companies that specialize in the area of magnet schools andmiles_davis school reform.

Dr. Honeywell’s experience as a grant writer has instilled in her an appreciation of and willingness to work within time deadlines. In almost 20 years of grant and report writing, she has never missed a deadline. In fact, she generally has documents mailed or delivered well before they are due.

The organizational structure of DKH Consulting Services, Inc. consists of the president of the firm, two associates and, as needed, various field consultants (sub-contractors) and service companies. When additional people are needed to complete an evaluation team, field consultants are hired based on their ability to work effectively with others and their expertise in a specific curriculum or educational arena.